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Monday, November 13, 2006

Mackinaw River Historical Bibliography

The following is a historical bibliography for sources on the Mackinaw. I freely admit that this is far from a comprehensive list, but nonetheless it is a start for anyone interested in the rich historical cache of the region.

I have evaluated each of these materials at one time or another and feel fairly conversant on their contents. If something on the list sparks your interest and you want more specific details, please let me know.

Don't hesitate to contact me with criticisms, comments, or with additions to the following.

“Century Old Well in Mackinaw, IL” (Illinois State Historical Library: Federal Writer’s Project, 1936)

“Economy and Land Use Patterns of McLean County, IL”, Arthur Weldon Watterson (University of Chicago Research Paper, No. 17, 1950)

Federal Surveyors Field Notes-Illinois Survey, (Springfield, IL: Illinois State Archives)

Foundations Strong: A History of Gridley, IL Perry A. Klopfenstein (Fort Scott, KS: SeKan Publishing Company, 1990)

A Gazetteer of Illinois .M. Peck (Philadelphia: Grigg & Elliot, 1837)

A Gazetteer of the States of Illinois and Missouri Lewis C. Beck (Albany, NY: Charles R. and George Webster, 1823)

“Geography of the Middle Illinois Valley” H. Barrows (Illinois State Geological Survey Bulletin, No. 15, Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1910)

Geology Underfoot in Illinois Raymond Wiggers (Missoula, MT: Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1997)

Good Old Times in McLean County Dr. E. Duis, (The Leader Publishing and Printing House, 1874)

“Historical Map of Tazewell County, IL” James Hames (Illinois State Historical Society, 1906). and Cutter-Dunlap, “History of Tazewell County” (Illinois State Historical Library: Federal Writer’s Project)

“A History of the Kickapoo Indians in Illinois from1750-1834” R. David Edmunds (Unpublished M.A. Thesis, Normal, IL: Illinois State University, 1966)

History of McLean County, Vol 1 Ezra Prince and John Burnham, eds (Chicago, IL: Munsell Publishing Company, 1908)

History of Tazewell County, IL Ben Allensworth (Chicago: Munsell Publishing Co., 1905)

History of Tazewell County, Illinois (Chicago: Chas. C. Chapman & Co., 1879)

History of Woodford County B.J. Radford (Peoria, IL: W.I. Dowdall, 1877)

Illinois and the West A.D. Jones (Boston: Weeks, Jordan and Company, 1838)

“The Indian Tribes of the Chicago Region With Special Reference to the Illinois and Potawatomi” William Duncan Strong (Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History Anthropology Leaflet 24, 1926)

“The Indian Tribes of the Chicago Region With Special Reference to the Illinois and Potawatomi” William Duncan Strong (Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History Anthropology Leaflet 24, 1926)

Indian Villages of the Illinois Country-Historic TribesWayne C. Temple (Illinois State Museum: Scientific Papers, Part II, 1958)

“Kickapoos” (Illinois State Historical Library: Reference Report, 1939), And Brainerd C. Snider, The Story of the Kickapoos (Lincoln, IL: The Lincoln Press, 1951)

Mackinaw River Area Assessment (State of Illinois: Department of Natural Resources, 1994)

“McLean County” Michael D. Sublett and William D. Walters, Jr., (Outdoor Illinois, May 1976)

“Mysterious Indian Battle Grounds In McLean County, Illinois” John H. Burnham, (Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society, No. 13, 1908)

The Narrative of the Captivity of William Biggs Among the Kickapoo Indians in IL, 1788 (81 copies reprinted in Heartman’s Historical Series #37, 1922)

“Patrick Kennedy’s Journal of an Expedition Undertaken by Himself and Several Coureurs de Bois in the year 1773 from Kaskaskia Village in the Illinois Country to the Headwaters of the Illinois River” in Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina (London, 1778), 508-509.

The Past and Present in Woodford County, IL (William LeBaron Jr. and Co., 1878)

The Potawatomis: Keepers of the Fire David Edmunds

“Presettlement Vegetation of the Mackinaw River Valley, Central Illinois” Renee Thomas and Roger Anderson (Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science, Volume 83, 1 and 2, 1990)

Prairie Farming in America James Caird (London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans and Roberts, 1859)

The Prairie Potawatomi: Tradition and Ritual in the 20th Century Ruth Landes

The Prairie Province of Illinois Edith Muriel Poggi, (Urbana, IL: Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences, Vol XIX, No. 3, 1934)

Report From the Commissioner of the General Land Office in Compliance With a Resolution of the Senate of the 24th Ultimo, Relative to the Progress Made in Surveying Lands Acquired By Purchase From the Potawatomi Indians, February 17, 1834” (Springfield, IL: Illinois State Historical Library)

“Stream Flow Data in Illinois” (Illinois State Historical Library: Federal Writer’s Project)

“Tazewell County” J. Hambright (Illinois State Historical Library: Federal Writer’s Project)

The Woodford County History William Yates, ed. (Bloomington, IL: Pantagraph Printing, 1968)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Welcome to River's Bend

Through central Illinois a magical prairie stream still flows through forests, pastures, and farmland. I created this page for people who love or are interested in the river.

I still don't know what form this will take, but my plan is to evolve this into a catch-all for information, art, poetry, historical resources, reflections, scientific information, and whatever other spirits move me.

Please contact me if you have come across this page and would to contribute and/or have any ideas for its evolution.

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